Planning applications must be spot-on to be approved

You don’t often think of planning permission specialists when submitting paperwork to the local authorities, but this is a mistake. Obtaining planning permission can be incredibly tough when you don’t know what you’re doing. Remember, there are some strict guidelines you must adhere to when it comes to making any changes to a building, especially in a conservation area.

If your planning application isn’t spot-on, it’s likely to be rejected. It typically causes a serious delay in your development project, and you may lose money too. So, why do applications need to be spot-on, and do you need planning permission specialists?

Anything outside the permitted or recommended guidelines can be rejected

There are specific planning and building laws that must be adhered to in the UK. For instance, when you build an extension and it goes beyond three metres to the back of your property, permission will be needed from the local authorities. Failing to meet the criteria and your application will be rejected. Your build must also be in line with other buildings. Planning permission specialists can help avoid rejection.

Planning permission specialists can advise you

You can draw up some wonderful plans but if they don’t meet certain criteria, they’ll be rejected. Planning permission specialists may help you avoid this. Specialists can advise you on what changes should be made before an application is submitted or what needs to change if you receive a rejection. Planning permission specialists also check the application and find areas that may prove tricky. This could prevent an unwanted rejection.

Rejections cost you money

Every time your planning application is rejected, it can cause a significant delay to your development project. Even when you just want to make a few minor changes to a property, it can require permission. Getting the application wrong can be a simple way to create unnecessary delays. When you hire planning permission specialists, however, you can avoid these problems.

Avoid delays with a specialist

Planning permission is a murky area because there are lots of loopholes and stipulations that must be met. It’s difficult at the best of times and when you are unfamiliar with the concept, it’s a minefield. Fortunately, a specialist could help you get to grips with the ins and outs of the application form. Planning permission specialists can be useful in determining what needs to be altered in the application and ensuring everything is spot-on.