“Authenticity is a journey

of self discovery”

Kisiel Consult

Authentic Consultancy Service

Authenticity, to us, is about being true to our high values and breaking free from what holds us back from reaching our true potential. Our values and actions align to provide a consultancy service that is genuinely based on trust, respect, and integrity.

Providing a professional consulting service to clients throughout the UK, Kisiel Consult support a wide range of projects. From strategic planning to innovative solutions, you can choose to have one service, or you can have a combination that suits your requirements.

You can have it all – It’s just YOUR version of “ALL”

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Trusted Support

Calling on the experts - for a specific project - has the potential for your company to grow and expand. Who we are - and what we do - combine to demonstrate that we can be trusted to support your growth journey

Our focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship, creating the perfect partnership.

The key to our continued success is in the way we support our clients.

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If you always do the same thing – you will always get the same result!

Allowing a review of the structural engineering on a project allows our consultants to make improvements that have the ability to transform the outcome of a project and drive change within an organisation.

Kisiel Consult respect and review the current outputs of a company’s team and we work collaboratively with our clients to create customised action plans for their organisations.

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Finding solutions

Kisiel Consult review a project and identify any issues. Taking ownership of the issues, we look for a range of answers, verify the most effective, and find the right solution.

A reliable and energetic approach helps us to secure the best answers for a variety of problems which are invariably encountered in the construction of a building. This is where the different expertise of each member of the Kisiel Consult team combines to find the best solutions.

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