Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

Kisiel Consult offer a range of Civil Engineering Services drawing on the experience within our team. Our engineering specialists have the knowledge and experience of designing, detailing, verifying, inspecting, assessing, and certifying the civil engineering projects in which Kisiel Consult are involved.

Our services can be structured in the categories shown below.

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In an era of climate change, it is increasingly important to ensure that drainage is designed to accommodate changes in rainfall and other weather events with a view to avoiding flood risks. Reviewing the existing infrastructure to avoid overloading local capacity also form part of the full drainage design.


Housing developments need to have access roads and links to the main road infrastructure of the locality. Design of sub structure as well as the road construction are created to meet the local authority planning and residential needs.


As connecting structures that create a link between two sides that are cannot otherwise be linked, it is important to ensure that the structure is designed to fully meet the original need and to have the least impact on the environment.

Sustainability and BREEAM

Kisiel Consult offer a range of Sustainability Consultation Services from preliminary evaluations, energy assessments, and sustainability reports to official evaluations, specialist studies and final certification.

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