About Kisiel Consult


About Kisiel Consult

Who are we?

Kisiel Consult is a division of Kisiel Ltd which was founded in 2007. Since then, we have been establishing a professional team who can provide a trusted consultancy service for all aspects of a client’s construction projects.

From professionals with over 30 years’ experience to those who have been trained in the latest technologies, they combine to form a team that bring value to your next project.

Our Lead Structural Engineer

Heading up our Kisiel Consult team is Ewa Kopacz who is an experienced structural engineer who has worked in a range of industries – from residential to industrial, telecommunication, high voltage power line and the oil industry. Her wide experience, not only in the UK but also in the EU and USA, enables her to solve structural problems and find viable and stable solutions to all designs.

Whilst running her own structural engineering consultancy, she focused on providing her expertise in residential construction for existing and new build properties and she brings this expertise to managing the team.

Our team

Other members of the Kisiel Consult team include structural engineers with experience in structural design and construction management - with specialisms in sustainability and seismic design.

Our team also includes a planning specialist with a passion for good design in the construction of new homes, schools, and office space. His expertise in engaging with planners and creating a collaborative view to seek the best options to meet the needs of the Local Authority development plans and also, more importantly, the planning permission applicant. Adding ‘best value’ in cost and time to the planning process, he looks to substantially increase the chances of a successful planning outcome.

Our key objectives

We are keen to help our clients achieve a cost-efficient solution on their projects whilst not sacrificing on the quality. Working to tight deadlines when needed, we still follow a clear checking and verification process for all our calculations.

Our friendly approachable team will support you throughout your project.

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