Do you Need a Structural Engineer for a Renovation?

Renovations can be expensive and when you are trying to get it completed on a budget, DIY is often a wonderful option. Renovation projects teach a number of skills from how to tile a floor to build a cupboard and even horticultural. But when it comes to cutting corners on costs how far is too far, do you need a structural engineer for a renovation?

When renovating your home or a business premises it is crucial that you engage the expertise of a structural engineer. There is a reason it takes more than three years of study to get this qualification. When it comes to something as important (and potentially expensive) as the structure of your entire building, its best to get qualified, expert advice, lest your dreams come crashing down – quite literally.

Structural engineers can give assistance on a broad range of renovation topics. From contract and building control approval to ensuring the structural integrity of the building is safe and secure. They are able to give help and advice when it comes to zany ideas you might have. If you want to add a building, remove a wall, or alter the structure of your building in anyway you should always call on a structural engineer.

When you hire a structural engineer, it is best to know exactly what you want so you can advise them on what they are quoting for. If you want them to focus on a specific aspect, make that clear. If you would rather it was a full house survey let them know this too. The clearer you are, the faster you can get to the root of the situation.

If you are renovating a residential project ensure that your engineer is specialised in this because business projects can differ greatly in terms and materials, as well as checklists from the local council or government. Make sure they are registered with the ISE or the ICE before moving ahead with any big project.

Ensuring you have a well-respected and educated structural engineer that you can rely on is key to the success of any renovation project.