What is involved in structural engineering design?

You may have a vague idea about what’s involved in structural engineering design, but what tools and methods are involved in this specialised area of civil engineering? In short, structural engineering design is used to determine whether a structure is safe, as well as categorise its financial specifications. A detailed analysis needs to be carried out by structural engineers in order to ensure that the building will be able to carry the necessary load.

In structural engineering design, everything is taken into account, both internally and externally. This includes the materials used for building, the ground that the building is intended to be built upon, how the weather, the surroundings, and other external forces will impact the structure, and so on. When a structural engineer looks at a material, attributes such as elasticity, plasticity, strength, and toughness are assessed with mathematical precision.

Authenticity is key

Structural engineering design is a rather complex and exciting area of engineering, working hand in hand with architects to create buildings that look as appealing as they are sound structurally. It is the engineers who work with structural engineering design who focus on the safety, reliability, durability, and strength of the building’s structure.

As with any other project of significance, a sound partnership is key. We offer a very bespoke consultancy service to guide you from start to finish, using a friendly and innovative approach. You can count on us to bring creativity and authenticity to your projects.

Structural engineering design is not our only area of expertise. We can also assist you with CAD, BIM, and planning permissions to help with design coordination and increase the efficiency of your construction project. And in the event that you are in need of project management services, we can take care of that too.

Structural engineering design services

Some of our structural engineering design services are the following: analysis and design, detailing of steelwork fabrication and reinforced concrete, structural engineering design assessment of existing buildings, quality control reports, and so much more. Get in touch for a free consultation and speak to our team of expert advisors.